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I Should Not Be

A lecturer by profession and a poem writer at heart. I started writing since high school. Now, some of them turned into a beautiful songs.


Hard Time. Tough Decision. Gain or Lose

Mistakes doesn't have to be weighted to make judgement. You are aware of your action and if it is right or wrong but hard times require us to make tough decision. Right decision will put you at ease while the wrong one haunt you with guilt and regret.

Losing you is an endless torments

It was 10 years ago
When I supposed to have you
It is wrong to let you go
But I have to

You're the seed of happiness
But fears narrowed the choices
Became selfish, ruthless and useless
I should be killed for I am heartless

Had nothing to give but misfortune
Uneducated, penniless and alone
I yearned to have you inside me
It's tormenting but have to go along

Everyday is dark and blue
You're my everything's hue
Still nothing's left I should have you
Losing you left me in deep remorse

My love is flimsy
My mind is shaky
You don't deserve what I did
I should not be forgiven

© 2020 Bellie Grace Gomez

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