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I Share......!

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"I Share"

I share my voice in words
My mind writes what my eyes will see
The other side of ink color black
Is the red on the paper spilling free
What I feel inside is transferred
Onto a weightless piece of air
Fragments of a secret are revealed
Leaving me vulnerable inside the nights stare
I examine my wealth of sadness
A collection for my future I hold
Pieces of words tell a story
Only on paper where feelings are sold
There are different shades of night
Hiding a variety of truths and lies
Choosing what words to share in rhyme
Will either dazzle or bloody the eyes
Pieces of me I thought were lost
Are finding their way to my pen
Some of my shadows disagree
Of who I was back then
My inside life is torn
I paint my stitches with words black and blue
Somehow I find the courage to share
My vulnerability is shining through
Eyes through the mirror are reading
While dropping stones to ripple the pool
No words of opinion are spoken
Oblivious to the pen of this fool
A cryptic epitaph without a key
On this side, I’ll share no more
The end is when my pen runs dry
Paper airplanes are left at the door

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