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I See It in You

It’s not that I have no place to go
I’m just bringing myself to where you’re at
I want to feel it the way you do
Maybe what I know won’t fit under your hat

Your head’s about to explode
Let me tell you that I know how you feel
That’s really all you need
Another heart that survived love that was real

Maybe you lost your mom and dad
You finally realized it’s your life that’s next
You brother said the same thing
Let’s stay strong and give our name respect

We can share the same tears
Let that be the river we never sold
We know how to be strong
It’s thinking young and not acting old

I want to know your pain
Let’s build rainbows out of memories
We’ll mix rain and sound
Every color we need to tell your stories

If I don’t wait for you
It’s because I already got the news
I watched as you lived with it
Dying on the inside is a poets muse


Mark Lecuona (author) from Austin, Texas on June 06, 2018:

Thank you Mark! Yes, there is a bit of sadness. I think I have a bit of that laced in everything I write these days. I find "happy talk" not to my taste sometimes.

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on June 05, 2018:

Cute and catchy even though it is filled with sadness.

Mark Lecuona (author) from Austin, Texas on June 04, 2018:

Thank you Peggy. I'm 59 and the things of the past are becoming the story little by little. There is still time to define our future and impact our souls but who we are is important to know.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on June 03, 2018:

For every person who has already lost loved ones and who is aging your poem rings a bell. Building "rainbows out of memories" is important to our souls.

Mark Lecuona (author) from Austin, Texas on June 03, 2018:

Thank you Paula for reading it and taking it to heart. I guess as I age my past is now the dominant force and I'm not running away though I have hopes for the future too.

Paula from The Midwest, USA on June 03, 2018:

A beautiful and interesting piece, touching on so much of life. What is more powerful to us than love, living and dying, growing old, moving on and trying to make the best of everything. I love what you said about being strong and making rainbows out of memories. Even "every color we need to tell your stories....." Very thoughtful and honest. Thank you for sharing.

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