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I Secure Your Monsters

I dug deep in my wounds

And pulled out a piece out of you

Raw and bleeding burgundy

Covered by scar tissue

Examined the splinter now removed

Witnessed my nightmares take form

Memories strung together

By dependency and scorn

Letters forming sentences

Telling me not to breathe

Allegiances screaming out

“You are the absence of me”

Wrapped tightly in your flag

Weavings of inspiration and hate

Your wrongdoing holds the power

And leaves the moral to waste

Sins and tragedy

Mark the climax of the night

Your children sleep alone

Eight year old strength to cite

A fetus is to you

No more than a kick to the floor

Delight in other casualties

Pleasure is mi amore

A concerned letter to you

Brought expulsion, temporary

Your guilt was packing lightly

Why so contrary?

I am Aphrodite

You, Typhon at best

I secure your monsters

Since you were laid to rest

© 2020 Jordan Hertaus