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I Kissed You Today

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Ravi Rajan is a software program director who writes on varied subjects from history, archaeology to leadership and writing techniques

The Background

This article consists of a couple of Tanka poems inspired by Brenda Arledge's amazing word prompt "Today". The poems capture a snapshot of time that would forever be cherished by me throughout life. Life is after all a potpourri of "todays", some meant to be cherished and others deemed to be forgotten.

I Kissed You Today

I Kissed You Today

I Kissed You Today.....

I kissed you today
trying not to bite your lip
to savor the taste
of pink vodka and honey
oozing perpetually.

In the soft lamplight
I seek the fiery thrill
of your rosy lips
curved like an archer’s bow
sending sweet arrows on and on.

Sometimes I wonder
how bravely you protected
your sugary lips
from the rampaging ants
that surround it all around.

Should I be afraid of
the monstrous sea waves outside
or your pouting lips
aimed mercilessly at me
like a gun over my face.

Your kissable lips
tapped into deep memories
and soon I forgot
the years of separation
as if they were nothing.

I Saw You Today.....

I Saw You Today.....

I Saw You Today.....

I saw you today
sifting through sunset shadows.
Your enchanting voice
painting a riot of colors
over the windswept autumn.

The flying wild geese
celebrated your arrival.
Gold chrysanthemums
bloomed under your dainty feet.
Your smile vanquished the darkness.

Raindrops swam within
your glowing, translucent skin.
Gentle vagrant zephyrs
playfully poked at church bells
enthralled under your fragrance.

Deafening thunder
shattered my beautiful dream.
The flowers vanish.
A lightning flash reveals you
buried under a gravestone.