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I Sat Down And Wrote Tiny Notes

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That Was Years Ago

Now I pull them out to read

They were simple

Things I did

People I met

Conversations I had

My views and thoughts

My idea was ahead of it's time

To one day look back at that point in my life

Then to see how far I have come

Recently, I started reading my old notes

Much to my surprise

I didn't remember the time I had written them

I dated them and tried to make sense of life

The world was changing around me

I was getting older

I knew my life would never be the same

Here is a look back into my life

Through the eyes of a young boy

What was important

What mattered the most

Who was the center of my world

I did not write the best

It took time to write

Later I had my first manual typewriter

Then I moved to a Smith Corona word processor

Now we think nothing of computers

Laptops and cell phones to write our thoughts down

Come travel with me back in time

On my journey

Have fun and a few laughs

Where today I arrived with Gods help

A better and smarter man

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