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I See Darkness

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I see darkness

growling back at me

as though it can speak

it creates so much fear

a look around makes it worse

as i continue to stay focused

I hear sounds, footsteps

Oh my God

They only get louder and louder

I turn to see what it is but

I see darkness

no other soul walks the same path

I am all alone

in this darkness

A figure under the tree

It looks like its human but does not move

Oh my God I am trapped

I am being followed

and who can help me in this darkness

Walk fast, scream for help

the fear in me says

but I guess darkness cannot speak

I see darkness

As I get closer to the tree

it still does not move

It just gets more scary

It just becomes darker

My breath starts to feel like fire inside of me

start to run, start to run

I see my self running

creature is still not moving

but as I run

The fear becomes worse

a loud voice from behind

I hope its human

I hope its help

I turn to face it

but it was just a car

a policeman car,Thank God I think

but the creature that i feared was just sand

everything starts to look better

my breath is now cool

but i still see drkness

and i don't think its going to get clearer

Ednah :]