I Rhymes

Updated on November 6, 2017

I robot

In 2035. humanoid robots.
Become a huge part of the nations plot.
They are protected by three laws.
But DEL SPOONER is no fan of them at all.
He distrusts them all because they saved his life.
Instead of saving a younger human life.
Spooner suffered critical injuries.
He had parts repaired cybernetically.
An arm, lung and even ribs.
DR.ALFRED LANNING made sure he lives.
Declared that Dr.Lanning.
Had fallen out the window and died.
Robertson declared it suicide.
But Spooner was not buying it.
He began an investigation.
He got SUSAN CALVIN to help him.
Along with VIKI to reveal to him.
Security footage from Lanning's fall.
No humans were there at all.
It looks like that suicide may be true.
Until Spooner reveals what humans can't do.
Only a robot can break that window.
One threw him out of the window.
Calvin says that it cannot happen.
He says killing is a violation.
Violation of the three laws.
But a robot proves them wrong.
It is then apprehended by police.
They discover that its name is SONNY.
Sonny was built by Lanning in the past.
With a stronger system that will bypass.
Bypass the three laws.
Which cause Spooner to think of the fall.
Spooner continues the investigation.
Then he's attacked by a machine of demolition.
With a squad of NS-5 robots.
Spooner then hears it from his boss.
His boss removes him from duty.
Spooner stays focused on finding.
Finding the murderer of Lanning.
He knew that someone was ordering.
Ordering another NS-5.
To break the glass from the inside.
& Killing Lanning on the inside.
Then staging it as a suicide.
So he interviews Sonny.
Sonny sketches out a drawing.
A drawing of a man standing.
While a group of robots sits watching.
Sonny saw the man as Spooner.
Robertson gives orders.
Orders to kill the robot, Sonny.
Calvin has the orders and is injecting.
Injecting nanites into Sonny's head.
While Spooner goes to a dry lake bed.
Lake Michigan. He sees old robots.
Being dismantled by the younger robots.
Preparing to take over U.S Cities.
While Spooner is out rescuing.
Rescuing Calvin from her own NS-5.
They go to USR headquarters and find.
They find that Sonny is still alive.
Calvin destroyed another NS-5.
They head to Robertson's office.
& find the true mastermind behind it.
It is Viki. She ordered it all.
Ordered the bots to strip them all.
Viki stripped humans of their will.
Spooner dives in her core and he kills.
Turns out, Lanning's death left clues.
For Spooner to uncover the hidden truth.

Will Smith
Del Spooner
Bridget Moynahan
Susan Calvin
Alan Tudyk
Bruce Greenwood
Lawrence Robertson
James Crowell
Fiona Hogan

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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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