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I Remember Your Face - Poem About Death

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Poem about Death

Poem about Death

I remember your face, when your flesh was here with me

When we shared a single smile, heads touching heads, yelling our dreams to the sky

I remember the joy, when we used to stir up the bees and run away like two silly souls

When I got stung on the cheek, and you used a black marker to turn it into a mole

I remember the happiness, holding hands and swinging like two young teens

When we used to stop the ice-cream van and bought every flavor ice-cream

We used to get cones, but the cones had gotten so high

Then we had to hurry the licks as the cream melted from the sun in the sky

I remember when you jay walked and a siren pulled up at your feet

But when he took a look at your beauty he simply escorted you across the street

I remember your face, how you used to have just one plat in your hair

And you told me it was our everlasting intertwining of us being a pair

But I remember when you became ill, I thought it was just the flew

Until the doctors came out and told me the news

I remember running away and crying for an entire week

While you layed there in the hospital bed, growing tired and weak

I remember trembling with fear each time I looked at you

Because I knew one day, I may not be able to look at you

I remembered wanting to be ill and lie in a bed beside you

So the light can take us both, giving our souls a renew

But as faith had its own way, one day I came and your were gone

And I sunk in an eternal darkness wondering what I did wrong

I drifted into a place where nothing existed for me

For you were not here, fighting life beside me

I missed you every second my worthless life kept me breathing

Praying and asking God to take me home

I never wanted to go on living without you.

Until in my dreams I saw your face

You held out your hand and wiped my tears

You told me to find happiness and live good years

I held out to you and called your name but soon your were gone

But I remember your face, telling me to push on.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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