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I Really Don't Know Anything

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Long, long ago...
when I saw a rainbow
I'd wonder - where do they go?
When the rain subsides.

Way back then...
life was such a mystery
and everything I'd see
was a wonderment of Life.

I could stare...
at simple things for hours
and be satisfied
just smelling the flowers.

It was hard...
to ever feel that crappy
instead I was just happy
in my ignorance.

But then I grew...
and found myself in college.
I filled my head with knowledge
of every kind.

And in those days...
that spice full of wonder
fell from the weight I was under
as junk filled my head.

And now I find...
I'm considered educated
but it feels jaded
'cause I really don't know.

I don't really know anything.

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