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I, Overloaded

Raizen is a high school student with numerous awards relating to poetry and literature as well as a literary writer for the journalism club.

All my synapses are firing in my brain

But why do I suddenly feel numb to all the pain

All my feelings are like going down the drain

I say I'm fine but nothing will ever be the same

good, bad, good, bad,

Left is now right, Am I going mad?

building and bubbling

breaking and shattering

Why can't I know, WHAT IS THIS FEELING?

Touch, breathe, touch,

Tick, tick, tick, There's something

S-something about to explode

Snap, snap, snap, and I

I feel like I'm tearing apart

GAH! This can't be happening,

I'm grasping and gasping

Black, black, black,

everything's fading to black.

My brain isn't functioning, neurons are blanking

But then again, This was my doing.

Fun Fact!

In truth, the inspiration I had for this poems were Neurons! (Or at least the idea of it)! I actually wrote this during science class, and had no meaning until I had already read it over post-writing.

© 2022 Raizen Richard Sanchez

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