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I Only Have A Few Minutes

Lets See What I Can Drum Up

Drum roll please

That is just to put my mind at ease

I call to our cat

She won't even pay attention to me

I have to go to work

Like so many other people

We do it

Love for our family

Respect for ourselves

A great feeling of pride and dignity

Our small contribution to society

To be self supporting and independent

The wind outside is strong and blowing hard

I welcome winds ability to be relentless

In the face of adversity

It stands up against the tallest trees

The sheer power

It's force can be used for good

Pushing the huge wind terbines

Generating energy to create electricity

I pretend I am like the wind

Pushing one of the large wind mills

Putting to good use all my energy

Today I am working a double

Many people wouldn't do what I do

Then again I wouldn't do what so many other people do

When I go into work I am excited to be there

I work as good as I can

Then when my first shift finishes up

So many co-workers leave

I go wash up and pretend I just came in

With the second shift

Most people would start to complain

They would begin to slack off at their job

Give excuses how tired they are

I do the opposite

I feel blessed that I can push my body to it's limits

Even when feeling exhausted

I have to focus and really concentrate

To prevent slip ups and small mistakes

When my second shift is over

I get to look back at my work and all I have accomplished

Always putting my best foot forward and keeping my chin up

We all make sacrifices in life to accomplish one thing or another

I can use this time as a practice run for another time

That I may have to give it my all

It may be tough

It may get rough

I can remember this day

As a trial run

Where I worked just as hard as everyone else

I kept my head on straight

I not only did my job but did it well

I found something so interesting about myself

I may be 206 bones covered by a layer of skin

Just like everyone else

I have a lot of enthusiasm, creativity and enormous amounts of positivity

That I borrow from everyone I see

It is so fun to share

Especially when their not even aware

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