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I Once Was a Prince

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Frog Prince

Frog Prince

I once was a Prince, why won’t you believe

All I need is a kiss from you to aid in this release

I know I am not attractive now, but I assure you I am a handsome catch

Just give me a kiss and stand back and watch,

As I transform into a hot Prince of your liking

Mannerable and rich, not rude and crude like a Viking

Hold on give me a second while I enjoy this fly

Don’t puke now, if I don’t eat I die

Now, where were we, ahh yes, a kiss on the lips?

Come now my future princess, let’s make it quick

Hey, come back, why are you running away

I only have twenty four hours for my true love kiss else forever I remain this way

Oh no, my true love ran away now I may remain amphibian forever

Curse that wicked witch, now my life is without pleasure

Jason, Jason, wake up! What are your whimpering about?

Come take out the trash, last night’s fish bones are stinking up the house

When you are through go sweep up the yard and get me some fire wood

You God damn lazy boy why don’t you do what you should?

Clean up this room and get your dirty socks off the floor

We feed your lame butt now go do your chores

Me and your Pa will be going into town for an hour or so

Make sure when we get back you do what you are told

Now get the heck out of bed before I give our breakfast to the quails

Laying there moving like a God damn snail

Jason hugged his pillow and wished his dream had come true

Of being kissed and becoming a Prince to escape his home made zoo

He longed for a life where he found true love and riches

But it was back to reality for him when he remembered the dirty dishes.

© 2019 Clive Williams

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