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I Need To Know

I need a place to go, not one that I know
I will enter quietly, I hope I am welcome
I need to know where it is

It doesn’t have to be empty, just open
Nobody has left, it is only a place to go
I need to know which way

I will only pray to God, worship no man
Who I choose to love, will choose for me
I need to know who it is

Maybe it’s outside my window, out there
Nobody prepares the table, only my heart
I need to know how again

I do not need help, I know what I must do
I don’t have a mad soul, only one of a clown
I need to know how to laugh

If I don’t find it, my dreams already have
That’s how I know it exists, I remember
I need to know you like that

Whoever has a just life, we deserve ours
The story may not be told, but God knows
I need to know if you’ll join me