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I Need Someone

Lucille is a Content, Creative, and Academic writer. She specializes in writing about love, romance, and heartbreak.


The longer that we're apart,

The more I realize-

Why you had to leave me.

And now, I'm thankful that you did.

Because you need someone,

Who will give you what you need.

And I need to be with someone,

Who only needs me.

Someone who knows-

I'm not the perfect lover.

But will still do everything,

For us to be together.

Someone who knows-

That I always overthink,

But he'll still take the risk,

Because he thinks I'm worth it.

I need someone,

Who is afraid of losing me,

Because he knows damn well,

That I don't want to lose him too.

And that someone-

Is not you anymore.

Because I chose you,

But you didn't choose us too.

© 2021 Lucille Punzalan

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