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I Need Some Light

Omar Mohamed Eldamsheety, Egyptian poet...Born in 21 August 1978 in Tanta, Egypt...Graduated from Faculty of Engineering in 2000.

Help me to imagine and help me to write.
I need to build a ship to sail far away.
This night is too long, and I need some light.
I can't wish for tomorrow, I forgot yesterday.

Sing a song for me in a loud voice.
I will open my mind and close my eyes.
I'm really so tired of being so nice.
Wake that moon up and chase the clouds.

Give me fairy wings and fly high with me.
Teach me some magic and give me a stick.
I'm so tired of reality and I want to flee.
The Moon is sleepy and the Sun is sick.

Don't say goodbye, I need you with me.
Will you say goodbye and break my heart.
I'm not a brave knight like I used to be.
In another place, our life will restart.

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