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I Miss You, Rain - Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.

A Rainy day at my native place (Maharashtra,India)

A Rainy day at my native place (Maharashtra,India)

I Love Rain

As I have been living in India for years, I love rain. Then I shifted to UAE. Rainfall in UAE is infrequent and does not last for a long period. It mostly rains during the winter period between November and March in the form of short downpours and an occasional thunderstorm. On average, rain falls only 25 days a year. They create artificial rain through cloud seeding process. In India, its rainy season now and I miss those rainy days.

I Miss You, Rain - Poem

With dense black clouds, lightning and thunder you come,

To uplift my mood quickly,

To give me relief from scorching heat.

O soothing rain, I miss you in this arid land.

O undecided rain when I decide to step out, you drizzle,

I miss that unique earthy smell when you mizzle.

On a cold night, you pittar patter on the roof I love to listen,

And the pleasant cool weather you make.

Caught in your surprise downpour,

With no umbrella you made me dance.

U recall me my paper boats sailing down the stream,

And a fun break from school on your heavy shower.

I reminisce the fun of standing under draining pipe from the roof,

Feeling the soft pressure of water on my head,

And shaking droplets collected on leaves,

And splashing muddy puddles.

O dear rain, I miss your cool breeze.

If I were a bird, I would have flown,

Crossing the oceans and the mountains,

To the blessed place you are.

I miss you in this sweltering heat,

I miss you in the day,

I miss you in the night,

Come soon to make me gleeful again.

© 2021 Rozlin

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