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I Miss You - I Know You Know

Real Beauty

I Miss You - I know you know

Someone said they missed you, Lord, and all of a sudden, I felt it to my core

I missed you so much and I have no idea when it started to happen

When did it get to the point where I feel like I haven't seen you or heard from you, haven't been near you in years?

I don't like it.

I don't like not knowing where you are. I don't like not knowing when I stopped yearning to be alone with you,

to listen to you, and not just talk.

Your words seem to have lost significance with me, they had become somewhat of a cliche.

They are now said just to make people believe you are still somewhere, even when I haven't checked to make sure you are really there.

I mean I know you are everywhere, I don't doubt you, do I, or does it seem like I do?

"God bless you"- but did you really?

Did me saying that, without the least bit of conviction, change anything for the person I said it to, or even anything for myself?

I need to go forward, not back, to a time when I feel you through your words.

Through songs, through scripture, through others.

I need to know how to see you through divine interventions and discernment.

See the snakes among the Eves and Adams.

We can be redeemed. I can be redeemed.

Just help me Lord, because, I miss you. And I know you know.

© 2022 Jodian Patterson

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