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I Mean It

Whatever I say
At the time
It's not a lie
It's how I feel
Or what I knew
Born in the memory
Of a passing day

Time has crept in
It doesn't care for us
That is our concern
It won’t let us relax
Reminding of differences
We didn’t ask for that
It just happened that way

There’s no cemeteries
Not for love
It’s passed around
We saw it at the same time
It was our turn
Hold it close
The light needs us now

No mistakes now
Not of the heart
I don’t see a problem
Only my own
Can you take me
Not on my terms
But on any at all?

In a parking lot
Under a street lamp
I didn’t know tomorrow
They’d break into my car
Only the longing
For another night
Like so many before

Packing for a trip
Down to the ocean
We’ll drive ourselves there
I know there’s a storm
But not between us
It’s not our concern
We know better now

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