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I May Never Do Things Right, But I Have Unlimited Creativity and Imagination

I Know It's Early

This couldn't wait

4:44 in the morning

Hi mom

Whenever my wife and I

See triple digits

We think of my mom

Our connection to the great beyond

If I can reach my mom

That means I can reach anyone

My mom has never let me down

So that is one story I am glad to share

We just don't know

What tomorrow will bring

If today is going well

Then I hope more of today

If not so well

Then please change and give me something different

Imagination is the key to the world

We can dream

Those people who dream the biggest and the best

Find a way to make their dreams reality

Many years ago I thought it would be so cool to have penpals from around the world

Then the more I thought about it

It could get pretty expensive for everyone

The more you communicate

The better things feel

The more expensive things will be

Then someone else told me

You can't do that

People will know where you live

People don't want you to know where they live either

There are a lot of crazies in the world

How about all the good people

I was told

There is no safe way

I was ten at the time

Now I am 54 years old

Things have changed so much

We can talk to people all over the world

It doesn't cost money

We are all safe

Well, now I recently told that person the great news

The person happens to be my brother

They don't remember the conversation

They act like it never happened

How could they forget something so important ?

I guess only to me

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I think I borrowed everyone elses glasses

Because I see beauty everywhere

What a great life

What a wonderful life

Don't just sit there

Get up and kick up some dust

Live the most amazing life

Fulfill all your dreams or at least die trying

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