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I Made a Fool Outta Me

Home Sweet Home


Potential Redneck Song

I Made a Fool Outta Me

On the night before I was born
Mama had a drink
Cause daddy had hit her in the stomach
With his belt buckle
He wanted to go to town
She didn’t want him to go

I was born the next day
A breach birth for sure
Can you blame me
As I grew mama rocked me
In the old rocking chair
And sang- “Born To Lose “

As I sit here today
Writing this song poem
I look around -This is what I see
I’m sleeping in an old van
That has the front on ramps
Parked in my ex’s back yard

It’s hard to sleep-sliding forward
I see the chickens in the pens
And the skeeters are biting big time.
But I don’t lose hope
Cause any day now
The lottery or PCH will triumph

If you’re looking for inspiration
It probably ain’t here
But on the other hand
If you don’t want to end up like this
Don’t give up hope
Know you are loved-do your best

My mama didn’t raise no fool
But I sure made a fool outta me!

© 2018 Gracie L Sprouse