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There is a wilderness we walk alone However well-companioned Stephen Vincent Benét

There comes a time in your life where you want to relive again! Away from all the hardships and calamities you have faced through out, you just want to take a pause and BREATHE!

This reminds you how beautiful your life was once. I’ve seen people battling stress and failure in love sometimes, but trust me it’s totally alright once you miss the old you and breathe again.

I miss the old me

In deep shadows of darkness

When I sit alone

I miss the old me

When things become disparate

And the feelings drown

I miss the old me

Snubbing my presence,

You smushed my world

What wrong have I done?

You gazed quietly, reason still unknown

I miss the old me

May you feel the way I do,

How hard it is to love someone

And get hatred

You shall know

I miss the old me