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I Loved Him in Silence: A Poem Regarding Unrequited Love

Author, Audrey Hunt, reveals her romantic side in this poem. Poetry is her outlet for expressing feelings and ideas.


I Loved Him in Silence

I'm Falling…

Excitement tugs at my heart

Claiming my desire for him

Captivated by his smile.

Decorated with Sean Connery dimples

Full beckoning lips

I wonder how they would feel

Coming home to mine.

I'm Falling…

He speaks, I hear a symphony.

Lyrical phrases

My imagination takes flight.

How would it feel to touch his fingers

The very ones that strum his guitar

His eyes conceal to me

Promises that cannot be.

I'm falling...

Two hearts unite but never take flight

Hidden words never spoken

Shattered images.

He's my Sir Lancelot, "with virtue to spare"

I'm his Guinevere

Longing to return

To Camelot.

I loved you in silence

Between the shadow and the soul.

© 2021 Audrey Hunt

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