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I Love You Always

I am a graduate from a diploma in applied writing, and I have found that my calling is poetry.

I love you,

these three words I say them each and every day.

I love my mum and I love my dad.

I love my family and my friends.

But my boy I love you oh the most.

You’re my best-friend,

My one and only.

I love you truly.

Love is love there is no doubt about it.

You cannot change once you have claimed you will love them always.

It will not disappear,

it may suddenly feel as cold as ice.

But in this love I shall always be there and will never leave you.

When you feel like you are alone just think of me and I shall not be far.

I promise I only say I love you when I mean it,

so don’t think my feelings have been erased if I don’t say I love you each and every day.

It just means I’m a fool,

and need to be reminded that our true love shall never die.

© 2017 Roseann Hipper

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