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I Love You: Words for My Lady


I Love You: Words for My Lady

To you I finally give

My everlasting gift

My tales of pain are gone

My crave for fame is born

With you my life is formed

Where loneliness is drown

I’ll swim in the pool of love

Could sink but won’t get drown

My heart is secured

With you my guard

We’ll breed angels as you are

A boy and his sister


You’re the one to complete me

To fill up the vacuum in me

To replace my stolen bone

Oh! That vacuum of ages is gone

With you my faults are washed

Those flaws that clawed

Like tiger claws

Are nothing but fun

I laugh even in my dreams

Because you’re the one

So busy tickling me and when I

wake up you’re already beside me with a cup of tea

What a paradise you’ve made

For me to rest!

What treasures were you made of?

What measure of pleasure you’ve made for me to taste

What a beauty!

What a treasure!

Oh! What incense have I made

to deserve an angel of your kind?

You’re like sparks of a blazing fire

The warmth that I feel

The burn of hot tea in a cold morning

Like a freshly baked cake, what pleasure there is


Your beauty is like a field of blooming roses

Like sun rays splashed through my window

To wake me from my lazy bed

Cold is good when you’re wrapped around me

We’ll walk abreast

Hands held on the highway’s breast

And will never get hit

Cause we’re paranormal when together

My lady

My angel

You are my paramour

and I’m your armour

My Love

You’re my own

My bone…

My missing bone

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie