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I Love You Hair And All

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There Are Some Things We Learn As We Go

Number one rule

Never mess with your wife's hair

It has to be combed a certain way

They are very particular

I tell my wife she can fool around with my hair

I never complain

She says your hair doesn't do anything

Because, you don't have much left

See no more worries

One less problem in life

Picture this late at night

A husband and wife in bed

The husband is just about to dose off into a deep sleep

His wife by his side

Snuggling close

After a long day

We both had a busy day at work

Now just the perfect time to close our eyes

The house quiet

Then my wife says

Can you scratch my head

I know she loves her head scratched

I could pretend I didn't hear her

I was so comfty

I reach my hand up and scratch her head

Soon after I know she is off into a deep sleep

Hand cramp I have to stop

It is amazing how the little things make life so wonderful

It won't be long and I will be in la la land

I will forget all about my hand

Soon it will recover

Until next time

She will want her head scratched

Under certain conditions

She calls the shots

By day the her hair is off limits

At night its game time

I scratch her head in all different directions

She won't remember

Tomorrow she wakes up with the worst case of bed head

I say don't worry nothing a brush won't fix

Laughing to myself

I did that

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