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I Love The Scars On Her Faces

Francois Groenewald is an author from South Africa. He writes poetry in his spare time.

I Love The Scars On Her Faces}{

So what if I lived only once

I can still walk among the stars

and feel their desire

What is this monster?

What is this kiss?

Which is the part that miss me?

Is it her or is it her several faces?

Is it us or is it them?

I don't know.

So how do you spell love?

You spell it with a difference in hand.

You spell it with a pearl.

You don't reflect badly on it.

And you don't feed it protein.

So what do you do?

You love.

That is all.

But is that.

I don't know which part loves me still.

Is it her many faces?

Or is it her pearls?

Or is it the faces that I love?

I don't have many stances on this.

But I do have a stance.

I don't like her first face in the morning.

I like her divulged look when she inhales.

So why am I saying this?

I say this because she loves me with her many faces.

But she has scars on them.

And I too love her with those scars.

So what comes next?

Her love in all her glories.

Her desire in all her pounds.

Her suggestions in all her flowers.

No more I say.

No more.

Love only the faces and you die.

© 2022 Francois Groenewald

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