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I Love Laughing -- So Sue Me


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


I will forever stay indebted to the human race for giving me such an ample opportunity to laugh -- always followed by a loving smile.

If laughter really is the best medicine, I've been overdosing, and it feels so damn good. Now, the only way to laugh at others without being mean or sarcastic, is by a long prior practice of laughing at our own imperfections.

That I have done enough not to take a position of a judge to human flaws, but of one with my own share of them. For, this world is already abundant with those "perfect" judges whose mirrors they borrowed from the tale of Snow White, the ones portraying them always as flawless.

Indeed, when it comes to mistakes, if I ever found courage to write my autobiography, one lengthy chapter would have to be devoted to them. Besides, learning from our mistakes doesn't make us immune to making new, different ones -- so there is no end to laughing.

Laughing liberates and heals.

It also instills an attitudinal advantage over being pissed at the world, while becoming something of a chief force in our stress management. In my case it creates a satirical, not sarcastic, or cynical frame of mind. Like kids, in their innocent ignorance and silliness make us laugh. Sitcoms, as well as other forms of humor, with their twisted logicalness affect us the same way.

We laugh and we instantly forgive -- knowing that it would be crazy to "expect cats to bark", for this world is not filled with geniuses and scholars, with an uneven distribution of intelligence which allows for this garden variety of us crazy humans.

Even Jesus raised his eyes from the cross and said: "Forgive them, Father, for they don't know what they are doing".

Well, for quite obvious reasons he was not in a position to laugh -- but I am.

So, here I go with these three pieces of rhymed imitations of poetry, which depict my inclination towards laughing.

Laughter is that Precious, Inseparable Prt of the Best in Life -- Val Karas

Laughter is that Precious, Inseparable Prt of the Best in Life -- Val Karas

What Makes Me Laugh

I laugh at happiness with an attached price

when people are buying their joy of living

just giving their misery a pleasant spice

then see it as their great achieving.

I laugh at every version of hypochondriac breed

brainwashed into their fragile health condition

wallowing in that constant ridiculous need

to see doctors and watch their nutrition.

I laugh when patriotism goes to a fanatic extent

losing nerves over things beyond their control

not seeing how foolishly their time is spent

as they've never changed anything at all.

Or I laugh at ignoramuses and world-fixers as well

who appear knowledgeable with so much to teach

while using teenage vocabulary, or can't even spell

among them here and there, those who will preach.

I laugh, and it's oftentimes laughter to tears

for reasons that could suffice for a sobbing

so I'm converting it into some good cheers

while being pissed is merely time robbing.

I laugh at politicians, those masters of deceptions

those grateful that every second sucker is born

well, take me for one of liberated exceptions

that has grown above Santa and unicorn.

And I laugh at myself among all other funny types

with all different reasons that are never enough

all of us in a marching parade with bag pipes

while god above is joining me in my laugh.

What Else Is There to Laugh About

It's about patriots with their big, loving heart

presenting their concerns so noble and clean

but spreading hate, tearing their country apart

projecting their own misery on a political scene.

It's about all friends whose closeness is so unstable

as if depending on weather or the time of the day

pinning on you some of their deliberate labels

and expecting you to live up to that portrait.

It's about those families using you for ears

'cause their soap opera needs to be heard

or to clap to their possessions with cheers

but not asking about you with single word.

It's about religionists' mouthful of love

claiming that capacity for a divine joy

with inspirations received from above

while intolerant and so easy to annoy.

It's about leaders contending so loud and clear

how their passion is the welfare of the nation

but in reality just promoting their own career

with every claim nothing but a fabrication.

It's about every other hypocrite and phony

and there are too many to complete this list

all having in common some deceiving baloney

a bunch of clowns too funny to make me pissed.

Basking in My Self-Created Joy

Not hoping for the day to bring me some cheers

I'm greeting my morning with smile on my face

something I've been doing for number of years

mobilizing happy feeling in my personal space.

Not waiting for circumstances to give me green light

here I go crossing briskly over crappy temptations

smiling, with silver lining on every cloudy night

and filling my every day with my creations.

I can't afford to depend on merciful donations

from those in my life who may give me praise

to recharge my batteries for higher vibrations

or to guide me out from an emotional maze.

And neither am I praying to heavens above

to give my life blessings and a nice break

for my peace, my happiness, and love

are always up to me to give and take.

So goes my story from one chapter to another

with a self-made joy and its benefits galore

with nothing seen as a reason to bother

and how can I ask for anything more.

© 2021 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on February 14, 2021:

Brenda -- I keep my final laughter for my last day -- thinking back over all years when I failed to laugh. Just think for a moment, how silly all our worries and concerns will look in that retrospect.

I'm glad I made you smile, my friend. And yes, I'll keep being me, not because I don't have any other option, but because my own craziness I still find quite bearable, LOL.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 14, 2021:


I can always count on you to make me smile.

I can picture you each day...laughing.

Me...well, I do have trouble laughing when my blood is boiling over.. you know, when I get mad.

Guess I need to work on that one.

It is sad too many people take things in life so seriously...they are missing out on precious moments to enjoy life.

Take care & keep being Yourself.

I like that!

Val Karas (author) from Canada on February 14, 2021:

Peggy -- Thank you, my friend, I am happy you liked them. And it's good to see others appreciating the power and the blessings of laughter.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 14, 2021:

Starting each day with a smile on your face is good medicine that can lead to laughter. I enjoyed your poetry. You make some excellent points in those poems.

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