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I Lost My Gold

I am Paul Francis, I am a student of university of Nigeria, Nsukka. My hobbies is writing and sport. I educate people through my writing.

I lost my gold


I Lost My Gold

Early in the morning

I wake-up and flee

To come back at night and enjoy my sleep

I had nothing to loose

One day in the morning

I wake-up and flee

Searching for nothing but something in mind

Looking around, I fount a stone

The stone I found, the stone was gold

I emptied my heart and the gold was kept

The gold is precious

The gold is costless

In a twinkle of an eye the fight began

Rich men came looking for the gold that was well kept me

I had nothing to do as poor as I was

To save my life, I gave up the gold

The cry is mine, the regret is theirs

The heart is heavy, the eyes are wet.

Early in the morning

I wake-up and flee

Shouting to the sky

I lost my gold.

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