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I Long To Be Free.

Hertha is just a girl that loves to write and that enjoys literature.Writing is most therapeutic to her.


I have a strong urge to be free,

I have a strong urge to flee,

I want to spread my wings high in the sky,

So together with the other birds I fly.

I want to be emancipated from racism,

I want to be emancipated from the criticism,

I want to be emancipated from the body shame,

I want to be emancipated from being called "lame"

So much hate among people,

People who claim to be "one"

Whoever said, words are worthless without action, was not wrong,

As people tend to speak words of wealth but end up doing worthless deeds.

What happened to ONE LOVE?

What ever happened to UBUNTU?

What happened to RESPECT?

What ever happened to LOOKING OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER?

Human rights are being violated every day,

Corruption is increasing because people are greedy,

One is constantly afraid of their life,

Don't even get me started with the children's rights.

I cry for freedom.

Freedom to have a choice,

Freedom to be who I am without guilt,

Freedom to eat how I like,

Freedom to dress how I prefer,

Freedom to be free with my sexual orientation,

Freedom from racism,

Freedom for children,

Freedom for the popr too,

Freedom to be heard wholeheartedly,

Freedom of those who are voiceless.

At times I think to myself:

Is it that our laws are failing to give us freedom,

Is it that our education system has failed to educate us,

Is that our churches don't preach enough,

Is it that our parents compare us and don't listen,

Is it that society as a whole has failed to maintain order?

I long to be happy,

I long to be independent,

I long to be safe,

I long to be loved.

© 2020 Hertha David

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