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I Like a Spring Day

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

I Like a Spring Day


I like a spring morning

So cool at first

But you can feel it warming

Sun slowly ratcheting heat

Proportional in some unscientific way

To its increasing height

Its reach can penetrate now

Where it couldn’t just scant days before

Tilt of the earth

Still working toward the season’s rebirth

Brings with it the mirth

The good cheer


It’s a kind of day



In its imperfections...

It seems to remember for a time

The season left behind

I, too, like a spring noon

Flowers in bloom

Birds festoon

The feeders

The tree tops

The undersides of porches

And ogee arches

And build, build, build

The pheasant cocks

Their heads rock

And bob

And weave

As they posture

For stature

In a mock showdown

Impossible to tell who wins

And they go at it again

Thinking they’re all that

And a bag of donuts, too

While the hens hide


Let the boys play

I bet you could hear them say

Hey, hey

I imagine the ladies

Whiling away

The afternoon

Over bunco

In well-concealed cover

Somewhere nearby

Tossing back nuts and corn

From a wooden bowl

Barley from a bag

Passing it around

Without much sound


And enjoying the

Warmth from the sun

As it peeks through the clouds

Looks down on the tulips

And the birdhouse nearby

And as the day unwinds

It hints in late afternoon

Of the season coming soon

Winter and summer and fall

Can't compete at all

To the call

Of spring

When things



Come alive

And thrive

Oh I love a spring day

And on into spring night

Everything is just right

I could sing a short song

About it being spring

All the year long

But then the thrill

Would be gone

And the wanting, the waiting

Would too

Because the gift is in the return

And the accompanying yearn

The anticipation

That finally turns to frustration

When summer busts through

And then it’s too damn hot to sleep


© 2022 greg cain

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