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I Know Who My People Are

Don’t tell me where I’m from
Don’t tell me who my people are
They know me from the path
We were walking one night
I remember you carnal
I know what you look like
It didn’t matter then
It doesn’t matter now
We shared time together
I know your pain
And you know mine

There never was a better time
I didn’t have enough money
But the ocean was close
And my friends closer
I was looking for my kind
I knew when you spoke
No judgment in your voice
No revenge in your choice
We connected like brothers
That’s why we always say
I love you my friend

I was born knowing the sunset
It was in my heart the whole way
The sound of nature in my ear
Nobody can take it away from me
But so many times love reminded
Living alone is more than just me
It’s the way my memories believe
The past really did happen
It’s not a movie for me to watch
And though I want to love someone
My friends are my people now

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