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I Know What I Really Like

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It Is The Simple Life

It doesn't matter where I go

It doesn't matter what I do

As long as I spend it with you

From start to finish

It can be so slow

When time almost stops

It can be so fast

I don't have time to catch my breath

All I can say

It is amazing and full of life

Bringing the good times in close

Letting all my fears slowly fade away

My heart races

My toes tingle

Thoughts come and go as quickly as a sudden sneeze

I couldn't be more pleased

I can think about yesterday or last year

Combine so many more years that have past

Then drift away to tomorrow and way into the future

I have a wonderful time now

Enjoying every moment

In my mind I have this idea

The best times of my life are crystal clear

With so much happiness

I can start with stunning

Exciting and thrilling

Only ending up here

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