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I Know It's True

Don’t wake up from our dream baby
Life will do that without asking me or you
The day and night met at dawn and twilight
It took one sunrise and sunset to make it true

I don’t want to ever beg you to come back
You’re here now and I know what to do
This is the time to finally become a man
The kind only a woman can make true

Still clouds as the wind sleeps
The earth turns, the sun weeps
Saying it’s goodbyes, beautiful;
as loves sparkling eyelashes beats

Is it love that gives us the direction
I don’t fear the storm I’m sailing through
The feeling is enough to set me straight
My port of call is only what I know is true

Still hearts as the night sleeps
Their bodies turn, their past weeps
Saying it’s goodbyes, but our sadness
is no more; our hearts it no longer keeps

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