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I Know It Hurts

Rohan has been in love and the aftermath of breakup. This is part of his pain. And somewhat how he deals. Hope you find your peace too.

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy

Seeing you with someone else
Not being pals,
Crying at night
Why are you so beautiful in dress so white,
The more I try
The more I cry.

We were amazing together
Or it seemed,
We were besties for each other
Until the illusion deemed,
Still echoing your last words — No, never and neither
Making it hard for me to get redeemed.

Were you not happy
When you sat on my lappy,
Was I not good
To suit your different mood,
Why did you leave me
I considered us as we.

Maybe I deserved it
Maybe I lacked some wit,
Or I was not tall standing
Or I created more misunderstanding,

I know it hurts
But I wish you no harm….I love you forever

© 2020 Rohan Bhardwaj