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I Kissed a Dream

Teodora is a bilingual writer and translator. She is the author of two books, a poetry volume, and a collection of short stories.


Uprooted from my sorrow’s breast

I kissed a dream within a man

Until my lips were soft, like doves

And I began to love again.

He spoke to me with words unknown

To any other girl or beast

Into the rivers of his soul

I washed my past then headed east.

I reached a land of no farewells

It rested on his shoulder

And in his eyes a raven dwelled

It cawed: “Oh, man, behold her!”

He touched the darkness of my heart

I gasped with mournful pleasure

He weaved a castle on my skin

In it he laid his treasure.

‘Twas something strange about his smile

As though he cheated sorrow.

One day I asked him, restlessly:

“What shall we do tomorrow?”

He grinned and whispered in my ear:

My dear, there's no tomorrow...

No death to steal you from my arms,

No withered flesh, no furrows.

“Oh, my!” I shrieked, and in his eyes

The raven's bleak wings fluttered.

Forlorn, I bid my beau goodbye

With words I could not utter.

A dream it was, a wondrous dream

The one I kissed, and not a man

Yet there’s a secret voice which vows

That one day I shall love again.

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