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I Miss Him So Much.

Hertha is a family girl. She loves to spent time with her family. It is most important to her.


In the streets of Wanaheda I sit and play with my friends,

We play house, we play "amagoose" in the sand,

I am happy and full of joy.

Then at exactly 18h00, I see a white Toyota conquest.

I run home quickly to go open the gate, Tate is home,

He bought us bread and apples.

I am excited and ready to hug him.

He would wash me, then later teach me how to read,

Later he would help my older siblings with homework,

And when I was old enough I could make his tea while he watches Aljazeera.

I am home and at peace.

He complimented everything I did well.

He discplined me when it was needed.

He took me everywhere he went.

He told me to go alone and make sure I come home on time.

He is my hero,

He is my father,

Although now in the village as he is retired,

I miss him so much.

© 2020 Hertha David

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