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I Hope You Catch It

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

I Hope You Catch It

I hope you catch it

And perhaps even die from it

There are worse ways to go

It can be contagious

It can be outrageous

It can be ironic




It can have an evil echo

Like Vincent Price

In Thriller

Or a snort of snot

That accompanies

It can make the tummy hurt

The muscles sore

In places galore

As you roll on the floor


I guess that’s pretty telling

But if it ain’t enough

Get this stuff:

Some people say

Right down to this day

That they’ve died from it

Died doing it

And yet they live

Like the old joke:

“My ex told me he couldn’t live without me,”

And then

“But he’s still alive,

So that, too, was jive

Just another of his lies,”

And then her friend dies

From it


Cause it’s transmissible

That sort of thing is permissible

At the end of the day

It’s safe to say

You can catch it from people you know

And people you don’t

Its effects can grow and grow

It can make your face turn red

Or bring tears to your eyes instead

And yet some will call it a drug

Indeed, the very best medicine

So here we go again


But let’s get united


I can be the bellwether

Or you can

All you’ll need is the bell

You’ll look swell

And it'll be funny as hell

Which might just get this party started

And we’ll see what else might happen


When we all die

From laughter

© 2022 greg cain

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