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I Held Love

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.



“Honey, read me something romantic will you, something sweet.” Instead, she held my hand, put me to sit and brought out a bucket of water and began to wash my feet. “Honey, what is this? What are you doing?” I asked. “Just as how you have loved me, so do I you. Just as how you have cared for me, so do I you.” She then took out a few pieces of blank sheets of paper and said. “I will not read for you something sweet my love, instead, we will make something sweet and create beautiful poetry together.” I looked deeply into her eyes and was completely flooded with emotions. Different phases of our lives suddenly began to flash back. I remembered when I lost my job and she supported me for three long years without a complaint. I remembered being terribly ill in the hospital and the sweet lullaby she used to gently sing in my ear. That song, her voice kept me going. It made me want to come back to the world. It made me want to go home. I remembered loved ones passing, the pain and tears. She stood by my side and allowed my tears to flow, then dried them with her hair. What I never had before, what I never thought could manifest as a person, but now I can see love, now I can hold, now I know, love is her.

I held Love

I held Love

We all have feelings, emotions we sometimes wish we could hold.

Some you wish never to feel, but if possible, would clutch hard and dispose.

But feelings like passion and happiness are worthy of keeping and sharing with others.

And love, if you could only hold love, how tightly you would clutch and smother.

It would be a feeling like no other. Because.

I have seen love, I have touched love, and I have held love.

That beautiful soul so close to my heart in everyway

The one who I wake up with and our eyes greet new life everyday

That person who knows my weaknesses, and balances them with her strength

The one who would sacrifices her very life, for me to take another breath

I have held love, and love feels Oh so good in my arms

The pheromone of love has captured my so easily

Swaying me deep in total comfort

Love has lay me down by the twinkling streams of beautiful lilies

I have held love, and love held me back

Love has sat with me, and laid her head in my lap

Love has touched the tips of my fingers with hers

Love has been with me throughout the good, the best, the bad and the worst

Love told me the truth, when lies were sporadic

My feelings for love will not go down like the Titanic

Come with me love, come, eternity is ours.

My me, my you, my pretty little flowers.

© 2018 Clive Williams