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I Have To Fix The .....

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If It Is Not One Thing It Is Another

I wonder how many people have heard that phrase?

It is funny how one thing breaks and soon as we fix that something else goes

I think we want every thing to last forever

My parents use to say years ago things lasted longer

They might be right

I was too young to notice what broke and when

I have heard companies don't want to make things last

Because they make no money selling you a new one

Cheaper seems to be better

More profits for the companies and share holders

I do notice friends and family with similar problems

Then there are those people that don't tell anyone

I like when something works

I take care of what I have and try to make it last

Then again it is nice to something new and better

So I am torn between the best of two worlds

If it is old or new

Enjoy what we have until it is gone

Then make do

Until we find a way to replace it