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I Have To Face The Facts

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There Are Some Bad People In The World

They have one purpose in life

To be mean


I am here to find out

Because all they care about is themselves

Anyone in theire path they will hurt or harm

These people are not to be taken lightly

I don't think these people can change

Why would they ?

They are not to be trusted

I am not sure how many people are like this in the world

All I know

Is if I encounter one

I will do everything in my power

To stay away

Who knows if it was from a bad childhood?

How could any innocent baby

Turn out to be tober so rotten

Experts study these types of people and come up with all kinds of facts and statistics

That can back their opinions

I know there is not enough time in my life

To worry about their lives

I am more concerned about all the innocent people affected

Not just today but every day of their lives

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