I Have Peace Today

Updated on January 21, 2018
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Poetry fills a large portion of my life beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment for me.

Seven Candles
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I Have Peace Today

Life around me is filled with troubles, but I still find my peace in the night. The courts are filled with challenge, everyone asking can it be made right? Jails are filled with crooks and con men, but there's some who make amends. Life can be just one long struggle, but there's a secret in just knowing one day, all will be right. I've found peace in the middle of chaos, and in moments of fear.

When I'm stressed and when I'm bothered, things just never seem to go right. So I look for times to get away, to breathe deep and to listen, and let the bad things slip away. I can't hold them, nor can I control them, so I say to them good-bye. I only want the good things, and times that make me smile. Don't hold on to all that confusion, and don't stir up another mess.

When I walk outside and see the sunshine, I know all of mine will be ok. Even if its cloudy, I know those clouds will go away. Darkness comes and then there's midnight, But morning's not too long to wait. I can walk through lifes' storms, and then the rain, for it will wash the filth away. That's when I find my brightest hopes and dreams alive and well, that none can take from my soul.

We may be on a timeline, from birth to youthfulness and then to older age. The things that are meant to happen, they either already did or still will come. But inside of me is something dapper and something strong. They can't break me, or take my peace away. I'm made in God's own image. I have my lifetime faith and a simple prayer draws me towards his divine grace.

Wake up peacefully and let your day be filled with happiness. Don't let old grudges have you beat down. Best just to not have any old grudges, and no new ones either. Forgive, forget, and realize those who did wrong are the ones who will suffer, if they don't change their ways. Your day is coming, if you patiently wait.

We all have things to work on, but today, this morning, let everything go away. Let the old stuff just float down the stream and go under that bridge that we've heard the old folks talk about; "that's all water under the bridge!” I can't do anything about tomorrow, or the problems it might bring, but today I can clear it all out, and declare I am free. I have peace today. thank you God!

MOJ/ Oscarlites / Author/ Copyrights, written Jan. 21, 2018

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      • erical2473 profile image

        Erica Ligocki 

        12 months ago from Colorado

        Oscar, this is very well-written and I can tell it's being written from a peaceful mindset. This was very encouraging to read today. I had a lot of troubles with my car today and so it has limited me somewhat and honestly, it's quite frustrating. But God has been helping me to see this, like all trials, as just a situation and nothing more. It's not something that needs to have a hold over me. Thanks for sharing this!

      • Oscarlites profile imageAUTHOR

        Oscar Jones 

        17 months ago from Monroeville, Alabama

        I'm so glad I helped someone else have a happier day!

      • sallybea profile image

        Sally Gulbrandsen 

        17 months ago from Norfolk

        Lovely piece of writing. You managed to share a little of your own tranquility and peace with me today for which I thank you. I very much enjoyed it.


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