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I Have Followers Who Continue To Read What I Write

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I Am Speechless

How do I thank you for all your support?

In a world where so many things are anonymous

I sit here and write again

Poem after poem

Trying to clear my conscious

Not of something bad or evil

Of my next pulsating thought

To spread joy or happiness in a direction

Where it has not been found

Some think it is deep in our heart

I say a thousand feet above the ground

Where only clouds and planes can be found

I think there is something else that exists

Love in the skies above

Heaven is a place

Where so many people have so many different ideas and theories

I don't go there

I won't go there

I am just looking for love

One that comforts us when we are sad

Holds us close when we are lonely

Keeps on amazing us without any effort

Gives us more when we aren't expecting it

Makes us feel better than we have ever felt

So people may argue and fight

Who is wrong and who is right

I plan on sharing the love

As soon as it arrives

I wisk it off in your direction

So you can replace sad with happy

Boredom with imagination

Where anything you want

Can come