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I Have Big Ears So I Can Listen To You

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Bigger Is Better

In this crazy world, we get picked on all kinds of things

Well I am no exception

Growing up I had extremely large ears

So I heard all the jokes

Dumbo ears

They are so big you can fly away

I remember those times well

I ignored them even though it wasn't easy

It came not only from friends but family

Wow look at those ears

After a while, it made no sense to me

It was odd but strange that people that I know would poke fun of me

Then I learned later on

It was a family trait

I had my fathers ears

I realized I also had my grandfathers ears on my mothers side

How blessed was I

I got my ears from both sides of my family

I know I belong

I know I was always connected

With ears like this

I wasn't adopted

So as I got older

I created my own line

Better to hear you with

So I began to listen to people

Not just the words they say

The meaning behind the words

I think that line came from a kids movie

I am not sure what movie

As the years rolled on by

I took the opposite approach

If someone mentioned my ears

When they told me how big they were

I said something sarcastically like

I didn't notice

Who told you?

I acted surprised every time

Wow you have great eyes

I never knew

I tried to make them feel silly

Then when I was in my early twenties

It didn't even matter anymore

I realized how cruel people can be

When I was young it was a form of bullying

Everyone took it

Like a right of passage

Nobody ever told the teacher

It just was part of growing up

You learned to deal with it

It existed in all forms

We didn't have computers

So there was no cyber bullying

I forgot about this for years

Until I read an article

From Body Shaming To Self Acceptance by Shushti Gamit

That clearly pointed out how people pick on people

Making a person feel bad about their own body shape and size

Great advice how we should look at ourselves in the mirror

Cherishing all the beautiful features you have

We are meant to look different

We are meant to come in different shapes and sizes and colours and that makes us even more beautiful

It is true how harsh words can effect our life badly

It's your body

Your soul

I realized how important this subject is

Sharing this story

Is not only a way to be aware of the bullying

To stop it in it's tracks

Making sure it never hurts you

Because no one deserves to be treated mean