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I Have Been Mistaken

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Nobody Is Really Sure

Egg on my face

There is something you should know

I believed and trusted the people I knew

Thinking the knowledge they have learned

Served them well and could help me too

Their traditional philosophy doesn't help me

They believe the world is gone to pot

The world is unable to come back or be saved

They have given up hope

I disagree

All I see is many causes

The friction just keeps building

Once you are convinced there is no alternative

You stop seeing the possibilities

Today is not the day

If you look at all the old fairy tales

There were challenges

Solutions come to light

I believe real life can also be like a classic

We all face struggles day to day

No matter what the odds

We search to find a way

People like to promote fear and anger

Looking at peoples backgrounds

Your own family history

Everything from religion to nationalities

We have to rise above the problems that we deal with

Concentrate on the things we have mastered

Through that expertise

We can and will persevere

Bringing together new ideas

Letting the past slide

Fixing what we can

Reshaping our current situation

To reflect our new position

Satisfaction of completing what we started

We all can do this

Together once again

We start with one successful day

Leading the way

To each better day

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