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I Have Always Loved You. Wednesday's Inspiration 10, a Soulful Offering to Mr Happy

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Sky children of the Light


The Dance of Light

All is essentially of the Absolute Spirit or Consciousness, so both Light and shadow, are the dance of Love. She gives us thorns with Her left hand and roses with Her right.

She hides seeds in the arid desert and shoots of lush foliage in an oasis, at the appropriate time and place.

The Beloved dances with our joys and weeps while carrying us in our twilight hours of the abyss. Is there ever a time when She is not? I see Her, a great Order among the pinions of darkness, streaming like a live network of effulgent Light, alchemizing our sorrows and re-fashioning our swords of virtue, for the dawn of tomorrows.

Rejoice! The moving finger writes and we must continue to press the keys of the Beloved's keyboards, for they are designed without 'delete' and the 'backspace' is non-functional ... as all that She projects, is meaningful and purposeful, even unto the end of days.


Wisdom From The Master

“Everything really does happen for a reason, and even if you can’t understand it all, everything that happens to you is meant to happen for the progression of your soul.” -Sri Chinmoy

“ Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.- Sri Chinmoy

Saskatchewan First Nations Children


I Have always Loved You

I have always loved you!

Way back when we played marbles together

Back-a-yard; You … like a goddess, climbing the

Mango trees and tugging at the succulence of their fruits.

Aye, the sugar of thy lips! Juiciness running down

Your playful innocence, tongue darting in and out in

Cute naiveté, licking this luscious nectar as it flowed, spilling

Down a bosom, fashioned by commendable gods of virtue.

Woven like a true Alchemist, You played and

Danced with Grace, way beyond excellence, even

As light rains showered gems upon us with their blessings,

And the wind carried our laughter to the indigo heavens.

Alas! One day astrology conspired with twinkling stars;

Took You away from me, a blooming and blossoming

Beauty, in the sunrise of our evenings. On this solemn day,

My memories floated on a million years … of weeping.

The rain shed tears and rainbows cried in my Heart.

My soul became heavy and the soil mud, as I longed for the

Seed hidden within it, to bloom and become my flower again;

I prayed that winter held its breath; that You entered my Spring.

I searched for You on land and in the heavens. The

Phoenix gave me feathers and I grew wings, exploring

The twinkling stars. I yearned for Your smile so badly, to sing,

To serenade my Heart; to whisper to my soul, “I Love you!”

Together we’d freeze time, like a crashed computer,

Gazing at the beauty of Silence. Behold! You came

Finally, as the scent of the ocean rushed towards me,

Pervading my core with serenity.

Across the deep did I see You, an ancient Mariner

Soaring on ships of Love. Waltzing above the horizon,

You entered my Heart with a blinding light, stunning

My Being with sweetness … and I remembered --as in a flash,

How we climbed palm trees together; played marbles in the garden shed.

Lantern Carrier July 8th, 2020

When I am gone, only Love can take my place ... only Love am I


Wisdom From The Master

"Whatever happens in Divine Providence, is always fruitful of good and Light." - Sri Chinmoy

"In our case, God has created us. Naturally His Affection, Concern and Compassion for us will be infinitely more than what I can ever feel for my little dogs. So when we are suffering, we have to feel that God also is suffering. If my Beloved Supreme agrees to suffer with me, then I have to accept my fate as it is." - Sri Chinmoy

"Once you enter into the spiritual life, you have to take each incident in life as a God-given experience. If we take it as a God-given experience, then we do not get angry at God because we know that God is full of Compassion and Affection for us." - Sri Chinmoy

The Oneness of Life

© 2020 manatita44

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