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I Have A Great Winter Idea


A Found Just The Place

To hide the snow

Behind the biggest pile of snow

So I set out to do just that

Less I see

The less I believe we have

It is a matter of tricking our mind

The snow is beautiful and white

So wonderful as long it is out of site

Most people would go out and shovel

Put the snow the closest spot they can see

Throwing it up as far and high in the air

Watching it land all fluffy and light

One pile on the other

Slowly growing in every direction

I sometimes walk over to the pile

Other times I sneak up quick

I make it a fun game

How high is high

I know I can go higher

I bend with my legs

Keep my back straight

The kid came out of me

I am having a blast

Away we go

Let it snow

Let it snow

Let it snow


DREAM ON (author) on December 18, 2020:

John Hansen I had a great time. This isn't the first time either. It is the first time I wrote about what I subconsciously think. Our mind can drift away like a snow bank high and way off to one direction or another. Depending how the wind blows. My mind quickly jumps from good mood to a better mood in seconds. I hope the weather cools off for you. Thank you for paying me a visit. May this 18th day of December bring back all the good thoughts you can remember.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on December 18, 2020:

Sounds like you were having fun, Dream On. No snow here.I had to put the air con on today it was hot and humid.

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