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I Hate To Go

I am a graduate of Information Technology(IT) and while I was studying I develop a passion for writing poetry and creating stories.

I Hate To Go

I keep telling myself that I should be gone,
I have no where to go to, nowhere to run,
I should've seek out help, but there was none

all my friends and family didn't care,
tossed me aside, to them, seems fair,
they didn't care a lot, why would they now,

many time they've left me all alone,
waiting for their call on my phone,
and when they did, they said, it was goodbye,

they left me alone, and I was hurt,
my knees were bleeding, im full of dirt,
when I saw them, I approached, and they just laughed,

they got mad at me for being filthy,
mad at me for being unhealthy,
but in the end they just, bat their eye,

I had often dreamed of what could be,
often dreamed of what should be,
a world where I was loved, has passed me by,

I am all alone now, what is new?
sitting here, what should I do?
tears rolled down my eyes, as I cried,

all my cry for help was all unheard,
all my memories are often blurred,
I would prefer it best if I am gone.


I really love that song (Leaving on a Jet Plane). That song was about goodbyes, and I figured that I should make my own version. Still, I believe that the original was better and very nostalgic when heard (To me at least).

Anyways, Cheers!

© 2020 Gerald Santiago

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