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I Had My Focus on It....

(also spelled as 'Abhishek Nayak') Writer, Blogger


I had my focus on it,

I had explored almost all the stuff required for the same

According to the stuff, I had planned my days and nights

And was working according to the same

I had to put some things ahead of some

and put some behind for the same

I was very excited and was waiting for the moment

After working and getting prepared for the same

I got nearer to it,

in a few steps, I would have got pretty close to the same,


Someone or Something snatched it away before

I could move ahead for the same.

That time, I saw my work of many days and nights getting ruined


I felt devastated for the same

I didn’t know what to do at that time


I had no interest left for anything or anyone at that time

Then to get me out of this phase of mine,

Someone told me to get involved in the stuff which makes me happy

Now, I am involved in the stuff which makes me happy

I am involved in the things in which I used to get involved in for

Which I was working and getting prepared


This time, I am hoping not to get disconnected from myself


I am not thinking about the future while working for the same

© 2021 Abhisek Nayak