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I Found a Lily by the Lake

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Trumpet Lily

Trumpet Lily

I found a Trumpet lily by the lake with nice bright yellow

Somehow this lily's was not that strong but nice and mellow

Tiny lily, Tiny lily, tell me what are you doing alone by this lake?

Aren't you cold? Doesn't this wild wind make you shake?

Have you been here long, did you talk to the grass?

I Couldn't help but noticing your beauty as I strolled pass.

You know, I once had a Lily that was red and blinked at the sun

But one day I left her by the window sill and the next day Lily was gone

I wonder, are you my sweet Lily I lost all those years?

Was it destiny that brought us back together at this place?

I do love the lake too, it makes me feel calm and gives me the peace to think

Maybe I will sit with you for a while little Lily, and write a poem with my invisible ink

You look real magnificent I should say

How about we waltz in the wind to the sounds of nature if you may

Sweet little Lily, how much I adore your company

I could sit and just talk with you from day till the stars appear sweet Lily

Don't laugh, you probably think I am silly

Come now little colorful one, you see the sun begins to hide

I have a very special place for you to grow inside

I will put you by that clear window that presents itself to nature

For you to be with me again, and I with your, for now and forever.

You are indeed a thing of rare beauty

To take good care of you now is my earthy duty

© 2017 Clive Williams